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Do you wish to serve high-quality South Indian delicacies in your country? Look nowhere as we are India's most recognized and customer’s favorite South Indian food brand. Mr. Idli provides International Master Franchise business opportunity with the complete support and training. Apply now to own the most lucrative and successful South Indian restaurant Franchisee. Mr. Idli Master Franchise opportunity is a low investment business opportunity with the best returns over the investment. Apply for the Mr. Idli Master Franchisee opportunity in your country and become the leader in serving the world’s best South Indian food to your locals. Mr. Idli Master Franchisee is a golden opportunity for investors who wish to become the market leader with a sustainable reputation and success.

Benefits for Mr. Idli International Master Franchise

Are you ready to step up your game and enjoy the benefits of being a Mr. Idli Master Franchisee? If you have strong management, marketing, and operations skills, then you may well be ready. Experience in franchise sales would, of course, be an added bonus as being a master franchisee of Mr. Idli is a huge responsibility. With it being such a huge role to fill, what’s in it for you? Benefits of Being a Master Franchisee of Mr. Idli in your Country.

1 Franchise Fee and Royalty Fee Percentage

One of the benefits of being a master franchisee is the profits gained from it. You will be busy recruiting, training and providing support to your franchisees. This will not be for free. You will receive a significant percentage of the initial franchise fees and the ongoing royalty fees.

2 Proven Business Model

Another one of the benefits of being a master franchisee is that you get a ready-made Mr. Idli franchise package with established brand recognition. You wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel as you will be taking on a proven business model with a system that is already successful.

3 Prestige and Influence

The prestige that comes with being a master franchisee can provide you with enormous satisfaction and financial leverage.

4 Additional profits in additional services

Offering add-on services to your franchisees can provide you with an additional source of income.

5 Exclusivity of Territory

Mr. Idli offers territory exclusivity. When you become the Master Franchisee of your specific country, that country is only for you and the franchisees that you recruit.

6 Complete Control

Having complete control in running your own business empire is another benefit. You are empowered to supervise the franchisees in your territory. You are the middle man between the franchisees and the franchisor. Yes, you have the responsibility of expanding the business and supporting your franchisees. But unlike working as a manager or an executive in a company, as a master franchisee, essentially, you will be your own boss.

7 Hiring Skilled Employees

As a Mr. Idli Master Franchisee, you have the advantage of being able to hire skilled employees to assist you in managing your business. This could free up a lot of your time so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

8 Equity and Value

The benefit of being a Master Franchisee is building equity and value. This happens as you continue to expand the business.

9 Minimum Customers

Being a master franchisee, you have very few customers. Your only customers are the franchisees in your territory. How can this be a benefit? Your main job then is to guide and support them. With the support of the franchise company, you can focus on this main task and be effective at it in the long run.

10 Very Few Employees

As a master franchisee, you will have to operate the Mr. Idli Master Franchise by yourself with an administrative assistant, a trainer, support staff and maybe a salesperson to help you sell your franchise. You may need to add more staff as your master franchise expands. Your role as the master franchisee is to expand and develop your territory. You do these things simultaneously as you support your franchisees. Until your franchise has fully grown, very few employees are needed.

Conclusion: As the master franchisee, you will have to give all the support your franchisees will need. Examples are training, marketing and quality control. You will also take on a supervisory role among your franchisees to ensure that they comply with the terms of the contract. You need strong management and organizational skills, marketing and operational skills. If you have what it takes, apply now with Mr. Idli, the world's best South Indian Restaurant Chain.

Support for Mr. Idli International Master Franchise

  • Menu development as per local trends.
  • Manpower recruitment assistants and training.
  • Development of standard operating procedures as per local food safety standards.
  • First store design and implementation assistants.
  • Vendors selection assistants.
  • Top-quality Products Manufacturing and Supply Support at reasonable pricing.
  • Ongoing menu development and training.
  • Marketing tools supply for advertisement and campaigning.
  • Technology implementation and training.
  • Local legal and accounting assistants.

Responsibilities for Mr. Idli International Master Franchise

Master Franchisee, especially at the country level, will replicate what a franchisor does in their domestic market. In practice, this will include:

  • Setting up at least one pilot franchise unit to adapt/prove the concept in their territory.
  • Once proven, set up a franchisee recruitment system (marketing, response handling, etc).
  • Recruit 2-3 pilot franchisees to test and refine training and support systems – and prove unit economics in other locations.
  • Build a franchise network.
  • Build an appropriate infrastructure for ongoing training, support and communication with the franchise network.
  • Dependent on the franchise model, the Master Franchisee may also be responsible for national marketing initiatives, including the securing of national accounts on behalf of the network.
  • When a Master Franchise is awarded, the franchisor provides a business model for both service delivery to the end-user, and a model for how to be a successful franchisor.
  • The business model will include all aspects of branding, marketing, training, support and management/administrative format.
  • The Master Franchisee brings local market knowledge, including that relating to local legislation which could be associated with Health & Safety, employment, regulatory issues (dependent on the sector), securing property, etc; they will also understand local demographics, staff recruitment details – in effect everything that is country-specific, rather than brand-specific.
  • Thus the role is one of partnership, where both parties bring complementary knowledge and expertise to the table and as a result, the business has the best chance of succeeding in a new country.

Eligibility for Mr. Idli International Master Franchise

  • Should have citizenship of applying country or local citizen partnership or sponsorship.
  • Age between 30 years to 50 years.
  • Must have completed any graduation or post-graduation degree.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 plus years of business experience.
  • Must have excellent communication skills.
  • Food industry knowledge is an added advantage.
  • Marketing knowledge is a must.
  • Computer knowledge is a must.
  • Full-time responsibility.
  • Must possess leadership qualities.
  • Must be a customer care oriented individual.

Workflow to become Mr. Idli International Master Franchise

  • Contact us online or call our international contact number for the discussion.
  • We will share the proposal.
  • We will share the International Franchise Agreement after the Letter of Intent(LOI) form signing for USD 350 transferred into our business account through wire transfer.
  • If all aspects are discussed and accepted by both the parties in the Franchise Agreement then you are requested to transfer the Franchise Fee after visiting us at our head office in India. Our head office is at Mysore, Karnataka, India.
  • You will be staying with us for 22 days for the training purpose. All accommodation and local travel will be sponsored by us.
  • We will send you the project goods in 60 days from the date of payment towards the project along with the trained workforce.
  • All expenses for the workforce recruitment and training, travel and accommodation must be sponsored by the Master Franchisee.
  • We will be visiting your location before the opening to assist you in the start-up of the store for 30 days. You are going to sponsor the travel and accommodation during the stay at your location.

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