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Mr. Idli Master Franchisee is an evergreen partnership towards a successful food business. Mr. Idli has a great team that will provide the best support to the Mr. Idli Master Franchise to earn more from the investment made. Mr. Idli Master Franchise is India's best business opportunity for South Indian Foods. Mr. Idli Master Franchise encourages entrepreneurs who are willing to serve healthy and delicious South Indian delicacies. Mr. Idli Master Franchise is a successful and self-sustainable business model. Earn more and live more with our Mr. Idli Master Franchise business as we have great products and services. Mr. Idli Master Franchise is a lucrative business opportunity with a high return over investment.

The goal of Mr. Idli Master Franchise's is to remove poverty by providing jobs, feed the hungry customers with love and affection, serve pocket-friendly quality foods, prepare safe foods in a hygienic environment.

Mr. Idli Master Franchise's vision is to become India's largest, most respectful and profitable restaurant chain.

Benefits for Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work." Yes, you must know that being a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise, you will be rewarded for your dedication and hard work.

1 Franchise Fee and Royalty Fee Percentage

One of the benefits of being a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise is the profits gained from it. You will be busy recruiting, training and providing support to your Franchises. This will not be for free. You will receive a significant percentage of the initial franchise fees and the ongoing royalty fees.

2 Proven Business Model

Another one of the benefits of being a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise is that you get a ready-made Franchise package with established brand recognition. You wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel as you will be taking on a proven business model with a system that is already successful. There's nothing for you to worry about. You can hit the ground running as everything is already in place.

3 Prestige and Influence

The prestige that comes with being a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise can provide you with enormous satisfaction and financial leverage. Consequently, you can become influential in the business. If you do your work as a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise right, not only will it be very profitable for you, you will also be an influential part of your franchise's network. As the business develops and grows, the Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise will become a core strength in the business as a whole. It will also add to your personal growth.

4 Additional Profits in Additional Services

Offering add-on services to your franchises can provide you with an additional source of income. Some examples of add-on services that you can offer are the supply of raw materials, accounting, book-keeping, people handling and consultation services. All these in exchange for additional fees. True, the majority of your revenue will still be from your franchising fee and royalty fee percentage, but you also stand to generate profits from training and certification. Additional income on top of your cut from the franchise and royalty fees is surely worth it.

5 Exclusivity of Territory

When you become the Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise of your specific area, that area is only for you and the Franchises that you recruit. You will not have to experience the hassle of competing with the same Franchise as yours. This will give you limitless possibilities in terms of growth and expansion.

6 Complete Control

Having complete control in running your own business empire is another benefit. You are empowered to supervise the Franchises in your territory. You are the middle man between the Franchisee and the Franchisor. Yes, you have the responsibility of expanding the business and supporting your Franchises. But unlike working as a manager or an executive in a company, as a Master Franchise, essentially, you will be your own boss.

7 Hiring Skilled Employees

As a master franchisee, you have the advantage of being able to hire skilled employees to assist you in managing your business. This could free up a lot of your time so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business, or operate another business.

8 Equity and Value

One benefit of being a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise is building equity and value. This happens as you continue to expand the business. The Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise will continuously sell Franchises and build your identity. The value of your business will be positively affected as you do this.

9 Minimum Customers

Being a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise, you have very few customers. Your only customers are the franchises in your territory. How can this be a benefit? Your main job then is to guide and support them. With the support of the Franchise company, you can focus on this main task and be effective at it in the long run.

10 Very Few Employees

As a Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise, you will have to operate the Master Franchise by yourself with an administrative assistant, a trainer, support staff, and maybe a salesperson to help you sell your Franchise. You may need to add more staff as your Master Franchise expands. Your role as Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise is to expand and develop your territory. You do these things simultaneously as you support your Franchises. Until your Franchise has fully grown, very few employees are needed.

Support Provided to Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise

Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise will enjoy the experience of being the Master Franchise of his/her state for Mr. Idli because of the below-mentioned world-class support.

  • Business development and product training support.
  • Flagship Store Setup and Management Support.
  • Initial business lead conversion support.
  • Marketing support - offline and online.
  • Legal support.
  • Technology support.
  • Supply chain support.
  • Initial manpower recruitment and training support.
  • Local corporate tie-up support.
  • New product development.

Responsibilities of Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise

"With great power comes with great responsibility." Yes, with the power you are about to achieve as Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise for one of the Indian State, you must take the responsibility to improve your state by performing the responsibilities mentioned below.

  • Operating the 1st flagship store efficiently.
  • Local marketing activity.
  • Local suppliers development and management.
  • Customer service management.
  • Managing inquiries and selection of locations for the business.
  • Manpower selection and training.
  • Implementation of Mr. Idli's projects.
  • Supply of recipe raw materials.
  • Monthly operations audit and training.
  • Ongoing manpower recruitment and replacements.
  • Public social activity engagements.
  • Providing jobs, creating entrepreneurship opportunity.
  • Collection of royalty.
  • Introduction of new recipes from time to time.
  • Smoothly manage the business as one family at the Master Franchisee location.
  • Evaluate sales and create targets to achieve.
  • Manpower management and development.
  • Strictly follow statutory obligations and keep a check on others and ensure all the Franchisees recruited under the Master Franchisee follow the statutory obligations sincerely.

Eligibility for Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise

"In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision."

Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise is an excellent opportunity for experienced and capable individuals. It takes a lot of confidence to manage Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise and the following are the eligibility criteria to handle the most responsible position.

  • Age between 30 years to 60 years.
  • Must have completed any graduation or post-graduation degree.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 plus years of business experience.
  • Must have excellent communication skills.
  • Food industry knowledge is an added advantage.
  • Marketing knowledge is a must.
  • Computer knowledge is a must.
  • Full-time responsibility.
  • Must possess leadership qualities.
  • Capacity to invest.

Workflow to become Mr. Idli Indian State Master Franchise

  • Fill & send us the application form.
  • Mr. Idli's team will contact you.
  • You will be given an appointment for a meeting with our team at Mysore.
  • Meet us with the documents which we will request you to carry along with you.
  • If the meeting is positive, we will then visit your location for our verification purpose.
  • If you are selected as our Master Franchise then we will send you the Master Franchise Agreement draft.
  • You have to transfer the Franchise Fee before signing the agreement.
  • You will search for a suitable restaurant space in your territory and invite us to plan your restaurant.
  • You should be prepared to invest in the infrastructure and start your first Mr. Idli flagship restaurant.
  • We will assist you to implement your restaurant infrastructure to operate our business with ease.
  • We will recruit the required restaurant and management staff for your business operations, we will provide training and assist you in launching your first Mr. Idli outlet operations.
  • Initial online & offline marketing activities will be launched by Mr. Idli's team to gain local brand identity and grow the franchise inquiries.

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